"TAKE IT EASY" Non-occupational exposure to agricultural pesticides and Parkinson's disease
Un exercice pour perfectionner son anglais biomédical : un texte en anglais, avec son glossaire et son mini-quiz.

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture, particularly in vineyards. After spraying, volatilisation is a major source of dissemination for many pesticides. In France, several million people work or have worked in the agricultural sector, with possible exposure to pesticides. Exposure to pesticides has been one of the environmental factors suggested in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease since the 1980s...

occupational disease • national health insurance system • hospital discharge • crop cultivation • orchards...

Questions (True or False?)
1- Parkinson's disease linked to pesticides is a recognised occupational disease in France
Epidemiological data point to a link between non-occupational exposure to pesticides and Parkinson's disease
In the study linking non-occupational exposure to pesticides with Parkinson's disease confounding factors were not taken into account, which is a limitation
The strongest statistical link between pesticide exposure and Parkinson's disease was found in the densest wine-growing areas

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