"TAKE IT EASY" Packaging too often ill-suited to dose preparation
Un exercice pour perfectionner son anglais biomédical : un texte en anglais, avec son glossaire et son mini-quiz.

"Dose preparation" means that a patient’s doses of medication are prepared in advance and sorted according to their order of administration. It involves removing the drugs from their original packaging, and sometimes repackaging them in a container other than their authorised packaging. The process can be manual, where doses are inserted into the compartments of a pill organiser for example, or automated, where a machine is used to repackage individual doses into relabelled transparent pouches...

pill organiser • pouch • in the community • shelf life • hopper • chute... 

Questions (True or False?)
1 - "Dose preparation" means advance preparation of medication by health professionals only.

Ensuring that patients have adequate information about their medication is an issue to be considered in all dose preparation systems.
Some oral drugs are sensitive to humidity, heat, light, or dust, resulting in toxicity or loss of efficacy.
Dose preparation exposes to possible harms through cross-contamination with potentially dangerous substances such as cytotoxic agents.

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